About Jonathan

Brother Jonathan’s remarkable journey is a testament to the power of dedication and unwavering commitment to a higher calling. His educational achievements, marked by a Bachelor’s Degree Magna Cum Laude in Ministry Leadership and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology, showcase his pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

However, Brother Jonathan’s story goes beyond the classroom. He is not only a scholar but a dedicated military veteran who selflessly served in the United States Marine Corps, repairing amphibious assault vehicles. His honorable discharge in 1992 speaks to his unwavering sense of duty and integrity.

In the realm of family, Brother Jonathan’s love story with his wife Kristie is a beautiful example of enduring love and partnership. Their journey began in 1994, culminating in a sacred union on August 26, 1995. Together, they have raised two accomplished twin daughters, Jordan and Joshlyn, who have embarked on their own journeys of teaching and inspiring young minds.

Brother Jonathan’s spiritual journey is awe-inspiring. He delivered his first sermon in 1996, and from there, he embarked on a path that led him to the ministry. Completing the Ministerial Internship Program in 1999, he embraced his role as a Youth Pastor, subsequently pastoring several congregations with dedication and love.

His relentless commitment to spreading the message of faith and hope led him on a journey spanning over a decade as the pastor of Bethel Temple CHC in Habersham County, Georgia. In 2015, his path took another turn when he was elected as the Senior Pastor of the West Sunny Side Community Church in Griffin, GA.

But Brother Jonathan’s calling doesn’t end at the pulpit. He is a visionary leader with a heart for mission work. As the World Missions Executive Director of the Congregational Holiness Church, he dreams big, aiming to reach 1 million people for Christ. His vision for 2023 includes the establishment of new churches across the world, echoing his unwavering commitment to expanding the reach of his faith and spreading hope and love to new corners of the globe.

In Brother Jonathan’s story, we find inspiration in his unwavering faith, lifelong learning, commitment to service, and the tireless pursuit of his calling. His journey serves as a reminder that our potential for impact is boundless when we follow our hearts and work tirelessly for the greater good.